How To Shuffle Cards
This is where you learn how to do normal cards shuffle. No magic tricks, just tutorial how to do card shuffle properly.
Learn many ways to shuffle cards.

False Shuffle
Enhance your magic tricks by learning how to do false shuffle.
Card shuffling tricks or well known as false shuffle is a techniques or tricks on card shuffling that able to control top card, bottom card, or even the whole deck, while showing to the spectators that the cards seem to be fairly shuffled.

Easy Card Tricks
Do you want to learn easy card tricks, start it in here. These tricks are for beginners and kids, so they can start learning and perform card tricks. An easy tricks to learn and perform.

Card Force Tricks
Learn how to do card force tricks. A manipulation on magic card tricks to create a false sense of “free will” to the spectator that asked to pick a card.

Glide Card Tricks
Glide is a card tricks technique, a sleight of hands moves that gives the spectator a false thought about the bottom card. Learn how to do the glide and the application of the moves on the card tricks.

Jog Card Sleight
Jog card sleight is a technique on magic card tricks that create a condition where one or more cards slightly protrude within a deck of cards. It can use to mark the card position while shuffling.

False Cut
The purpose of doing false card cut is to remove suspicions that the the cards order has been manipulated by doing some moves that appear as a real card cut.

Double Lift
Double Lift is a sleight of hands technique that used to lift two cards at once, but it seems only one card that lifted.